individualism and consumerism – differentiate that!

I know it’s Christmas and we’re all swimming in a sea of presents, happily munching Christmas cookies and having a great-ole-time! But: I realized, with shock, that for most of the way to express our individuality is extremely tied, if not solely reliant on the choices we make as consumers. “I’m vegan!”, “I don’t buy […]

in search of the ultimate headphone – update

My search for the perfect headphone continued with me buying Shure SRH 840s. These are great everyday headphones, workhorses. Easy to wear, not fatiguing, comfortable, come with a nice carrying pouch, and are really affordable (100€). But, they’re not great. So I kept searching, listening to stuff like Chambers by RZA, HD 700 by Sennheiser, […]

My vision for mobile computing – 2015

I’ve been carrying around a vision of where mobile computing could go in the next couple of years. 3 trends shape that vision: mobile devices are increasingly location aware – geospatial big data. more and more of our activities are organized, shared and conducted online. economic development suggests fewer full jobs – the rise of […]