in search of the ultimate headphone – update

My search for the perfect headphone continued with me buying Shure SRH 840s.

These are great everyday headphones, workhorses. Easy to wear, not fatiguing, comfortable, come with a nice carrying pouch, and are really affordable (100€). But, they’re not great. So I kept searching, listening to stuff like Chambers by RZA, HD 700 by Sennheiser, and just 3 days ago stumbled upon Philips X1/00 Fidelio.

Wow! Like AKG 702 with bass. I never would have expected this from Philips! On second thought: I have 15€ earbuds from Philips that I really love to listen to, so it seems like the folks there know what they’re doing.

I ordered them a couple of days ago and will let you know how they do.

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