individualism and consumerism – differentiate that!

I know it’s Christmas and we’re all swimming in a sea of presents, happily munching Christmas cookies and having a great-ole-time! But:

I realized, with shock, that for most of the way to express our individuality is extremely tied, if not solely reliant on the choices we make as consumers. “I’m vegan!”, “I don’t buy at H&M!”, “I buy only organic groceries!”, “Android is just the better OS!”.

  • What about freedom of expression?
  • What about dancing on the subway when you feel like it?
  • What about crying in public, especially when you’re male?
  • What about saying: “I just don’t know any further, I want to stop for as long as it takes?”
  • What about sighing when you feel short of breath?

Maybe you do all those things, all those little, every-day humanizers, the small dances, the little prances. I sure could use so much more of that. And become much more of an individual in the process, and much less dependent on consumerism to define me.

But Android really is the better OS! 😉


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