tapestry work – beyond the portfolio

There’s been a lot of talk about “portfolio work” in recent years. Meaning that more and more people don’t hold on to a steady job, or have one singular carrer path, but instead have multiple work and revenue streams that they connect to make their livelyhood.

The term portfolio however, implies for me a certain thought-out-ness, a sense of willful diversification and planned broadening of singular points-of-focus.

In my life, at the moment, I pursue various projects,  don’t really count, but I estimate there are 6-8 active projects, and another 4-5 in the pipeline.

Some of these projects interrelate and create synergy, others are completely seperate and just for the sake of it.

I like it that way! I’m not in the game to be the best, richest, most succesful anything. I’m in it for the full width and depth of experiences available.

So I found an analogy that suits my lifestyle, and those of people similar to me, better than portfolio work: tapestry work.

My threads are my projects, my jobs, my family, my lovers, my children, my prayers, my hopes, my fears, my practice. They interweave and crisscross and form something unique and dazzling: my life!

And what a beautiful tapestry it is!

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